25  seconds - approximately 10 photos     $1,995
  45   seconds - approximately 13 photos     $2,995
  60  seconds - approximately 17 photos     $3,750
  75  seconds - approximately 25 photos     $4,045
  120 seconds - approximately 35 photos     $5,395

Professional voice overs added at an additional fee.

Animated Directory Brochure includes:

  • Single page with flash Animated Directory Brochure & up to 10 links on page
  • 1st year special rate Animated Directory Brochure hosting*
  • MS Word Document printable brochure and Animated Directory Brochure
  • Link to your web site and linking permission from all other internet opportunities
  • Graphic banner ads/buttons in 2 sizes for web site link
  • Layout and design of Animated Directory Brochure, Ad Information and link setup to client web site.
  • Content update packages available.

*Animated Directory Brochure offers 1st year discounted hosting for single page Animated Directory Brochure and printable pdf or word doc brochure.



Stock Photography:

Options includes research and licensing of additional imagery appropriate to your industry.


Maintenance Options:
Update or modify your Animated Directory Brochure with new imagery, graphics, text, music, events, etc.



$95 hr


Email Blast:
Distribute your Animated Directory Brochure Announcement via email list of your potential or returning clients. This is a very powerful tool to send information without the time consuming energy of sending out promotional material through the mail, not to mention all those stamps.

We can also design your email ad and send your list for you as often as you like.

Dhali's price for email blasts is a one time set up of $250.00 and $85.00 per blast for unlimited email recipients in the lists. For this price we will maintain their lists, get rid of duplicates, and sift out bad email addresses.

*Animated Directory Brochure partners with Dhali hosting a requirement for email blasting.


1 time
set up

per blast


Custom Graphic Announcement:

A custom designed graphic image that has a glimpse of your web site or Animated Directory Brochure Brochure announcing the services that you want your clients to know about. This pleasing graphic will entice clients to visit your Animated Directory Brochure and web site to learn more about your services or products, etc.






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